How to construct that first message

Posted by ma-admin

The most intimidating and often biggest hurdle when looking to hook up on an adult dating site like Marital Affair is that initial first contact. Get it wrong and you could be left struggling behind the rest of the pack. There are several steps that you can take to ensure that you at least get a response from your prospective partner.

Using a recent survey conducted by us, we asked 300 female and 250 male members for their views and opinions on that dreaded first message.

Here we have digested the information that we collected using some of the most talked about aspects into an easily readable format.

Avoid Generic Messages.

Don’t be a copy/paste guy. I know, it’s easy and you can cover so many more bases just by sending out a non-descript and vague message to as many girls as possible. This canvassing technique just isn’t cool, and certainly doesn’t appeal to the majority of female users that we have interviewed. 97% of our female users all claimed that they could spot a generic copy and paste effort from a mile off; first time, every time. So stop it!

You are going to be talking to this girl, so why not actually read her profile. Profiles are there for one reason, to share a little bit of information about yourself and your interests. They are an absolute GOLDMINE of information for you to prospect and tailor a well thought out and personal message for the girl you are looking to meet up with. This method never fails to impress.

Set The Tone

The initial contact is the cornerstone of what’s to come in the process of hooking up on Marital Affair. It is important to set the tone for the rest of the conversation and potential relationship (in whatever form that takes). Having a plan before you blast out an email to your prospective partner is key in ensuring that you get off to a good start and don’t get overlooked. Coming on too strong can be a real turn off, however if you aren’t interesting or witty you can also be put to the bottom of the pile, it’s a fine balancing act.

What’s In A Greeting?

“Hey Sexy”, “Hey babe!!! Xoxoxoxox”, “Alrite sexxxy!! You’re FIT! XXX”. Come on now chaps, really? Let’s think about this for a minute. When writing your greeting let’s maybe give the girl the impression that you aren’t a total and utter tool. If you follow our advice you too will have success and maybe a few more messages in your inbox next time you check!

– Just try a simple ‘hello’ – Not every girl find being called ‘hot lips’ or ‘baby’ much of a turn on.
– Use that gold you mined from their profile. Do they have their name? Use it!
– Don’t just use a one-liner. Give them a reason to reply, brains also enjoy being stimulated you know.
– Compliments – This shouldn’t need explaining people.

Things To Avoid.

As good as it is to write all the right things, and do your research into a prospective partner, it’s equally important to ensure that you don’t write one small thing that could blow everything.

– Brush up on your spelling and grammar – No one wants an idiot.
– Serious subjects – Don’t go discussing the latest changes to a government bill.
– Drug use – Not everyone appreciates your recreational activities
– Shop – You may love your job, others likely wont.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are looking to hook up for some casual sex or intimate encounter. You are not after a new life partner but you have to ensure that you are interesting to the other person, talk about casual things, get to know each other, and who knows? You may be getting to know each other more intimately very soon!