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Over 100% more women are active on
Marital Affair finds itself in The Metro on August 22nd 2012. Featured as a result of it’s astonishing find that ‘active’ women on the website are up over 100% in the last three months. We have taken the view that recent activities, such as the Olympics, in general- poor summer weather, followed by some schorching hot days, plus the 50 Shades of Grey have had an effect on women. Frustations have to be released and the book has drawn attention that more is possible than your scheduled twice a week fumble.

Fifty Shades of Grey

“The Number of Active females to every man on has more than doubled in the last three months, according to latest figures.

Site owner Paul Graham said wet weather and Olympic fever had also boosted the number of people flocking to the site.

‘The Past three months have stirred up a very interesting mix’, he said.

‘We entered into summer with hot weather, followed by weeks of constant rain so maybe women were seeking a lift from summer blues.

‘Then there was the Olympics and all the corporate events that go with it, taking men away from the home for days at a time.

‘Finally the world got obsessed with the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, telling women that there are men out there who are real men if only you look.

‘It’s quite the perfect storm to lead to ladies looking for an extra bit of naughtiness.’

The bestseller is also believed to be the reason behind a surge in the number of people watching ‘risque’ films.

Viewer numbers for LoveFilm’s ‘Something Saucy’ collection have risen 55% in the five months since the kinky novel hit the shelves.

Secretary which stars Maggie Gylienhaal as a personal assistant who enters a dark relationship with her boss Mr Grey – the same name as the love interest in E.L. James’s novel – has seen a 300 per cent increase in viewers.”