Why Avoid Free Online Dating Sites?

Posted by ma-admin

Online married dating sites that claim to offer a completely free dating experience are undoubtedly one of the biggest problems for users in the sex dating world. When we see the word ‘free’ naturally we think, what’s the catch? Well there is one, in fact there are several downsides to ‘free’ sex dating sites.

The phrase ‘time is money’ has never been more apt. Yes you may be saving yourself some real money by opting for a free experience but really how much is it costing you in time? Why would you spend a few hours looking for a free piece of fruit when you could go and buy a whole basket?

By spending out on the membership fee’s on paid sex dating sites you are guaranteeing that you will be hooking up with like-minded individuals like yourself; other paying customers. After all if you’re paying, so are they. Two keen paying customers looking for the same service surely equals better results in finding what it is you are looking for. Whether it’s sex dating, casual sex, or a discreet intimate encounter you are more likely to hook up on a site where everyone is after the same thing and committed to doing so by putting their money where their mouth is.

Your Security

At Marital Affair we ensure that all of our users are 100% secure during their time using the site. We don’t insist on downloading software containing malware or third party adware, which could be harmful to your computer as other sites often do. We like to ensure that your experience is as simple as possible; sign up and go. It’s absolutely a win-win situation for our users. You can be safe in the knowledge that you are able to safely meet other hot singles, knowing that they too are serious about a potential casual encounter.

When choosing an sex dating service people often opt for a free service and don’t consider the potential risks of doing so. Free sites often sell your information to third parties as they have that right when you sign up. Another potential issue is privacy; your friends and family may be able to see your profile and personal information. When paying for a service you are not only paying for the service of the site but also you are ensuring your security and privacy.

Fake Profiles

We’ve all seen it before, you are freshly signed up to a free adult dating site and you are flooded with a bevvy of beautiful women all keen to meet you, great right? One problem, 99% of these profiles are usually fake. Finding fake profiles on free sex dating websites is usually as simple as signing in and clicking on a face. At Marital Affair we work tirelessly to ensure that all of our members are active and on the site for genuine reasons, ensuring you the best possible user experience for your money.

So why sign up for a free but insecure and potentially fruitless experience? You could be meeting and hooking up with sexy singles in your area today with Marital Affair. Go on, come on in and get involved!