Top 7 World Destinations When Sex is on the Agenda

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: January 27, 2015


Prostitution is on every street corner, it’s widely spread, organised and completely legal in Germany! Which is why it has such a prominent history in the sex tourism industry.



There’s no place quite as famous for it’s sexual tourism and beautiful prostitutes as Amsterdam. It’s world famous for having legalised prostitution. The Red Light District is known the world over. Do some ‘window shopping’ and see what takes your fancy.



Thailand takes a place in the top 7 sex destinations, even though prostitution is not actually legal there, there is still over three million sex workers in the country.


Rio De Janeiro

Well, there isn’t much to say apart from beautiful women in thong bikini’s all day every day! Oh, and prostitution is also legal here and sex workers enjoy a trade – meaning visitors can look and touch 😉


Las Vegas

It’s called “Sin City” for a reason ;). Having the world’s largest strip club: Sapphire, also branches of Spearmint Rhino and the Playboy Club – is there any need to go on?



Japan is the place where the kinky and fetish-loving sex tourists come to feed their needs. Not always for the faint-hearted.


The Philippines

As you probably know, prostitution is illegal in the Philippines and can come with penalties. But that doesn’t stop girls behind the bar who are move than available for illicit activities – just look out for the ‘bargirl’ ID tags.