Top Ten Weird Celebrity Crushes

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: October 24, 2013

richard ayoadeEver found your loins stirring when contemplating a TV geek, oddbod or granddad? Well, you’re not alone. We asked our female adult dating members to list their strangest celebrity crushes of all time, here is the top ten! 

10. David Mitchell

Mr Mitchell could never be described as classically good looking and his strange nasal voice doesn’t help much either, but who knew that getting hitched to hot brainbox Victoria Corren and growing a subsequent marriage beard could cement his status as one of the most fanciable geeks on British TV. Mitchell proves that us UK girls still favour giggles over gorgeous looks.

9. Patrick Stewart

Is it his shiny head or his chocolate smooth voice or how good he looks in a skin tight jump suit, we’ll never know, but women all over the world go weak at the knees whenever they clap eyes on the British acting favourite and wish they could boldly go there with Patrick Stewart.

8. Gordon Ramsay

Despite his nasty temper, Shar Pei face and proclivity for extramarital affairs (or perhaps because of) certain ladies simply can’t resist the idea of getting a good meal, a good telling off and a good seeing to from the cooking entrepreneur.

7. Johnny Vegas

The super-sized St Helen’s funny man makes number seven on our list. We simply can’t get enough of his warm personality and inimitable sense of humour, or perhaps we love him because with Johnny by our side on the sofa, we could gorge on as much goat’s cheese bruschetta as we could handle and he wouldn’t bat an eye.

6. Bradley Walsh

Thanks to a resurgence on UK TV as host of ‘The Chase’ and star of Law and Order: UK, Bradley Walsh has become a firm housewives favourite. We love his cheeky grin, we love his shiny suits and we love the way he can’t help laughing at double entendre in the quiz questions he asks.

5. Mark Labbett

Speaking of the chase, ultimate chaser Mark Labbett is developing quite a fan club, proving once and for all that the geek will inherit the earth! At 6 feet and six inches tall and weighing in at more than 21 stone, there’s many a beauty out there who would love nothing more than a good ravaging from ‘The Beast’.

4. John Snow

Channel 4 News sweetie John Snow really cares and we really like his snow white hair, sense of fun and matchless interview technique. When the bedroom fun’s over, he can tell us everything we need to know about Syria (it’s ok, we’ll go to sleep).

3. Tim Burton

Wild haired eccentric Tim Burton has a different slant on romance. Wife Helena Bonham Carter recently awoke to find him carefully placing dolls heads in her hair and  taking photos as she slept – the perfect partner for emos and goth girls.

2. John Richardson

This comedic clean freak and ‘Eight Out of Ten Cats Panellist’ may not give the impression of being the most passionate man in the bedroom, but at least he knows how to fold a towel properly. For some girls, there’s nothing more erotic than a man who does the dishes without being asked and puts his socks in the washing basket, even if it is due to a bad case of OCD!

1. Richard Ayoade

Richard’s star started small with his appearance as uber geek Moss on hit show ‘The IT Crowd’ but new roles as director, host of ‘Gadget Man’ and panel show regular, along with his heady mix of dead pan delivery and exotic Norweigan/Nigerian heritage have placed the cloudy haired comic at the top of our weird crush list.