Warm Up the Winter with Affair Dating

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: October 23, 2014

affair dating in winter
So the nights are drawing in and before too long we’ll be facing another several months of the seemingly never ending British winter. You know the score, leaving home when it’s still dark in the morning only to wistfully spend the day staring out the window as the light draws in before five o’clock. Depressing isn’t it? Getting home feeling more tired than usual because it is pitch black, cold and invariably drizzling with rain. It’s even worse if you get home to find your partner equally irritable, as it’s no secret that relationships tend to feel the strain during winter months much more than they do in the joyful summertime. Sex and affection may dry up, then there’s the stress of Christmas presents and how to pay for them all, and then the prospect of a new year filled with yet more of perpetual drudgery. Suddenly the idea of having an affair through an affair dating site doesn’t seem so bad.

Cheer up lads and lasses! Affair dating is here. Why not spice things up somewhat by finding yourself a little naughty fun to occupy some of those long winter nights? There are loads of reasons why the wintertime is the best time of year to find a secret beau, someone else who is willing to be the ‘other’ girl or guy in the relationship, someone who can maintain discretion while also offering a dynamite physical and emotional thrill. Like all fleeting affairs they don’t have to be forever, they don’t even have to be that frequent – it should just be your secret, and a liaison to look forward to on the calendar. Time passes quickly between dates, and the benefits you feel for taking on a secret partner can really be pretty awesome.

Don’t be SAD

Plenty of people struggle with winter, so much so in fact that it’s reckoned that seasonal affective disorder silently affects millions of Britons who just put it down to a dose of the ‘winter blues’ or such like. Science backs this is up, as lack of sunlight and warmth affects levels of serotonin – the brain’s ‘happy juice’ – that makes us physically feel rubbish, demotivated and grumpy. This comes down to the lower levels of vitamin D that we generate mostly through exposure to daylight. It is also shown to affect levels of sexual hormones in both men and women too.

However – some people have naturally higher (sometimes much higher) levels of these hormones and are still exceptionally randy in winter while their partner is the opposite. The good news is that this sexual energy can be exerted by finding a likeminded buddy – and it’s never been easier thanks to Marital Affair.

Winter is the Perfect Foil

Once you’ve found a mate, then winter is a great time for an extra marital affair. It is dark, making it unlikely you will be spotted by any passing associate, and the number of excuses possible for coming home late is almost inexhaustible.

Meet-ups can easily be explained by saying that the winter blues are getting to you and that you’re running, working or swimming after work to keep motivation levels up. In truth you’ll be enjoying a much more sensuous workout! Other good ones that can be associated with winter are saying that there’s an awful winter bug at work and you’re working overtime or flexi in the evening to cover sickness. Christmas party drinks are also a cracking choice, especially if you work in a large company with plenty of anonymous colleagues who have unexpectedly asked you out for a seasonal pint or a glass of wine.

When looking for a little winter spice in your life, these days you are limited by imagination alone!