Why Do People Have Affairs?

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: November 14, 2012

People have been looking for Affairs for centuries, nothing is new about them and the same thing will be going on in centuries from now. This suggests that they are not a fad, or a periodical fashion that made it credible to be searching for more passion elsewhere.

The simple fact is that humans are not monogamous goes a long way to explain why affairs take place. We are part of the animal kingdom and unlike Swans, which are the envy to all, we do not naturally mate for life. We mate based on other criteria, this being the attraction of someone’s physical and mental presence. We are fine tuned to pro create, to ensure the survival of the species and this overrides any “ I do” in front of tearful family and friends.

Another is that it takes effort, marriage is hard work, make no mistake and for some, hard work is not why they got married. 50 years of sleeping with the same person and keeping your hands to yourself is tricky business and this daunting prospect often leads to mischievous behaviour.

Affairs take place often because the relationship is stale in some way, communication has fallen and this has led to an environment where two people are simply living under the same roof. The results of this are often based around the fact that sexual behaviour hasn’t progressed mutually. Sex and Affairs are very closely connected as you can imagine and there are many variations as to why. One party maybe looking more risky intimate behaviour and could be apprehensive about making the request for sex to be based more on their favourite adult movie. This explains why many affairs start off with a peak of sexual activity at the beginning of the relationship. It seems like its a release for both parties and being new to each, it seems that the desired extreme sexual behaviour is more accepted as the barriers of embaressment are removed. Affairs happen, they are a fact of life.