Why Men Want Affairs

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: November 14, 2012

Looking for Married Men?

A man. Faithful? Men are the pro creators, their primary objective/ role is to sleep with women. Some men like to count how many women they have slept with, this way it enables them to brag at how great or successful they are at their primal role to their friends. If it wasn’t important, then why bother counting. (A lot of celebrities claim to have slept with over 2000 women which of course makes them very serious about their pro creative role in life).

Another way of understanding the simplistic desires and required satisfaction of a man is to look at the statistics of how often they think of sex. Every 7 seconds apparently. Wow. Now how on earth do they fit in time to change that light bulb. If men think of sex every 7 seconds, this is clearly the outright winner of daytime thoughts. Therefore, this must give the evidence that they are strictly programmed to not only pro-create, but they are reminded to be doing so, about every seven seconds.

So really what we should be asking is, why wouldn’t a man want an affair. Evidence and research is so strong that men are highly sexed genetically, that if his requirements are not being fulfilled (every 7 seconds!), then eyes will be wondering.

In addition to a man’s, huge sexual workload he now has to deal with family issues where historically, his primary responsibilities have been to ensure the bills are paid and his sexual appetite is fulfilled.

When it comes to sex, men its seems are the 100% committed article, so much so that they are taken over by these desires and anything else seems far less important. They are much more open and will give in to temptation far easier. Men is seems are an easy lay and can’t resist a flirt, but as we can see, this is only natural for them.