Why Women Want Affairs

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Posted: November 14, 2012

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Women are often looked at as the vulnerable party in a relationship. The weaker and therefore the more susceptible to being the cheated on partner. However, statistics say that over 25% of women, by the time they are 40, will have an affair out of their marriage. This number says, very clearly, that the woman is not as innocent as an initial glance would suggest. Of course, we have to take into account that a woman is a ‘lady’, therefore it would be savage to even think that she could be a sexual predator, but when we take a closer look at a combination of events that may tip her over the edge, we realise that it is not out the realms of possibility.

Women are the sexual element, they contain the wanted package and therefore hold the power. It is considerably easier for a woman, should it be desired, to engage in an affair. It would not necessarily be the sexual element that drives her to it though (unlike a man), but more likely to be the lack of attention she is receiving at home and the new found attention that she may be receiving elsewhere. Women, though they may not need it, are creatures that require polishing, nurturing and general attention to assist their self esteem and confidence, they are in far more need of this than a man. The saying, does my bum look big in this does not just turn up out of coincidence, it rings very strongly of the need to be assured that they look great. This high demand for attention in the beginning is new and novel for a man, but like most things, attention to detail may lapse and allow the opportunist to move in. If the woman is feeling neglected, and is of the needy type, she may be in a very vulnerable position, especially if Prince Charming is floating around.

Although the numbers dictate, that a woman is less likely to have an affair than a man, they still do. Sexual activity, or the lack of and some interest from elsewhere usually set the ball rolling.

Sex for both parties is often the end result of an affair, and this may not just be with the smooth operator that has charmed his way into her life. Living in an age of sexual liberalism, women and men have taken the roles of fantasy fulfillment to a literal level. Where once upon a time, these pleasures were quite simply left to the ‘professionals’ modern day swinging and adult dating has given an inroad in allowing people to gain the fulfillment of a fantasy. In fact online dating has done more to encourage the sexual liberation of both men and women, than anything else. Women are very strong, which is often contrary to what can sometimes be seen and where one may be seeing a sweet, timid, quiet 7 stone pleasant young lady, may in fact be tying himself up with a ravage, sexually addicted nymphomaniac who has dominated men for days of restless pleasure. One thing we can learn from this all, is that appearances can deceive and sex is the reward for those willing to risk treading the dark side of monogamy.