How to Have an Affair at Work

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: June 15, 2016

affair at work

If you decide to have an extramarital affair, there are many different ways you can meet someone who is willing to have tryst with you. These include people within your social scene, people you meet on night’s out and members of adult dating websites such as Marital Affair.

Unsurprisingly, however, the workplace is one of the most common places people who embark on an affair meet. If someone at work has caught your eye and this is something that interests you, here is how to have an affair at work safely and discreetly.

Expressing an Interest

Telling a colleague that you want to have an affair with them is a tricky subject to broach. Look for cues that they are also interested, both in the things they say and the way they behave around you; body language is particularly revealing about sexual attraction. If you feel confident that they are interested in having a relationship outside work with you, then suggest a drink after work. This gives you an environment away from the workplace to let them know you are interested in embarking on an affair.

Date Away from Work

You will want to avoid being caught out by colleagues and having your affair becoming the hot topic of office gossip. To reduce the chances of this happening, keep your affair outside of the office. Also, try to arrange your dates in areas not frequented by friends and colleagues.

Avoid Indiscreet Conversations

Having an affair is fun and exciting, so the temptation to talk about what a fantastic time you are having can be overwhelming. However, if you talk about your affair with even one colleague, the gossip will spread around the office like wildfire. Even if you do not specifically name the person you are having an affair with, mentioning that you are having an affair will lead to speculation and suspicion.

Remain Professional

Your affair is a personal matter and should not impact on your work. This may particularly be an issue if one of you is in a more senior position than the other and things aren’t going well in the relationship. It is important to keep your personal life separate and remain professional at all times.

Don’t Use Work Emails

Don’t use your work email addresses to email each other about anything other than work-related issues. It is all too easy to accidentally copy another colleague into the email or send it mistakenly to the wrong person. Instead, consider creating a completely new email account or stick to texting as a way of communicating.

Keep it Fun

One of the biggest things that you and your affair dating partner will have in common is your work. As a result, your conversations during dates may lead to work-related matters. Unless you are both really passionate about your jobs, try to avoid letting work take over conversations as it will take away a lot of the fun from your dates. Instead, choose lighter topics of conversation to keep the atmosphere relaxed.
An affair at work is a potentially exciting experience, just so long as you are careful not to get caught. Keeping your personal affairs and your professional lives separate is also essential to make sure you continue to have fun together without disrupting your professional relationship in the workplace. Bear in mind the points made above and you’ll be on the right track, allowing you to enjoy each other fully without the worry of getting caught out.